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Build your business through our proven
closed-loop marketing programs
Developing a successful partnership for a large ISV or IHV is a challenging business proposition. Limited funds for investment are required for training and skills enablement for all parts of your business (technical, marketing, sales and infrastructure). This is a juggling act that requires you meet the dual objectives of building your bottom-line and achieving the incremental revenue requirements of the partnership.
DJM is the market leader in leveraging your investments with results that actually grow your business. Our closed-loop marketing and sales programs have driven hundreds of millions of dollars in sales pipeline for our reseller partners. We understand the issues of running an emerging organization and are fully equipped to augment your business especially when it comes to filling the sales funnel with qualified opportunities.     
All-in-one closed-loop marketing programs proven to drive leads and increase incremental revenue.
Get in front of the unreachable decision maker before the competition.
Arm your sales team with actionable business intelligence. 
Optimize sales strategy and planning by focusing salespeople on priority targets and opportunities.
Each of our reseller services is designed to your specific project requirements, timeframes and budget. We work with you and your team closely and iteratively to improve outcomes. Whether you’re seeking a closed-loop marketing program for driving leads, building attendance for a webcast or seeking to cross-sell/up-sell your current customer base - DJM is your trusted partner.  


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