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Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Drive Revenue Faster

DJM’s proprietary Q2V Demand Generation service has been engineered to increase the quality, quantity and velocity of leads, forecasted pipeline and closed business. Our best-of-breed demand generation processes are based on 16+ years in B2B technology sales service. These processes include countless refinements based on projects that have driven hundreds of millions of dollars in sales pipeline for our clients.
We perform the research, identification and nurturing of prospects, always while engaging in meaningful business conversations with high opportunity business and technical decisions makers. The result is your salespeople getting in front of the unreachable decision maker before the competition.
Q2V Demand Generation services are designed to your projects specific requirements, timeframe, success metrics and budget. Services include Lead Development, Appointment Setting, Inside Sales and Closed Loop Lead Management.



Lead Development
We begin with a clear definition of your specific requirements for qualified leads. Using your prospect list or one we source for you, we perform research and make calls that validate contact information, identify your highest opportunity prospects, and raise your brand awareness within your target.

Your current marketing programs are enhanced with actionable prospect business intelligence, safeguarding that every touch is reaching the correct individual. Segmentation and personalization capabilities of nurturing campaigns are improved ensuring your brand is always top of mind.
Appointment Setting
We work to establish and nurture a relationship between your brand and the target buyer, influencer or recommender, responding to their questions and tackling objections. When a prospect identifies a need, a budget or wants to learn more, we set an appointment with your Sales Team.

Sales teams can focus their efforts on the prospects with the greatest potential to buy, developing relationships and closing business. Longer-term prospects are proactively moved through the nurturing process until they are ready for a hand-off.
Inside Sales 
Your DJM Account Management team performs as an extension of your Sales organization. We work to build a trusting relationship with your prospect understanding their incumbent solution, specific business pain, decision-making process, budget and timeframe for making a purchase.

Sales Management can increase organizational effectiveness and optimize sales productivity. DJM arms your sales people with additional high-quality prospects, all at a significantly reduced cost of sales.
Closed Loop Lead Management 
Our closed loop approach tracks your customers and prospects against your requirements throughout the nurturing and sales process. We manage all scheduling, logistics, and updating all responsible parties on touches, calls and meetings.

Your salespeople are kept up-to-date in real time on prospect requirements and expectations. We minimize dropped hand-offs and ensure that all parties are on the same page.