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Ensure quality attendance and maximize your event ROI
Your marketing team invests a large portion of its budget producing events and webinars. Months of planning, long hours spent developing content and verifying every last detail. Our proven event methodologies reward your hard work by delivering a qualified audience ready to hear your message - maximizing the potential ROI of your event.
Whether it's a webinar, user or partner conference, road show or training, DJM can dramatically improve the number of qualified prospects in attendance. Our hands-on approach amplifies your current efforts for building attendance and attendee follow-up. DJM Event Services include integrated sales support, expanded business intelligence on your prospect/customer database and real-time metrics for measuring campaign effectiveness.



We manage each engagement hands-on, collaborating to carefully define the scope, provide timely metrics and make midstream adjustments as necessary. Each attendee is validated as a decision maker or influencer to the buying process.

DJM efficiently handles the time-consuming details of attendance management and logistics so you can focus on the content of your event. Our team is trained to go beyond a simple description of your event to confirm the contact is an appropriate attendee and briefed on why the subject matter is relevant to their business.
We resend the invite (if necessary), validate the attendee’s role, make any necessary corrections to your contact profile and make live calls 24 hours in advance of the event confirming attendance.

Each registrant is confirmed by a telephone call and an email.  Attendance metrics are reported in real time. DJM typically can drive attendance double those of industry norms.
Attendee Follow-up
DJM will follow-up on qualified attendees based on your unique project requirements This may include answering questions, soliciting white papers, and initiating the nurturing process.

We fast track the buying process by personalized follow-up. Attendees are further qualified and moved to a nurturing program or directly to sales. No-shows are directed to other content or future events that ensure they don't fall through the cracks.
Types of Events
• User and Partner Conferences
• Product Launches
• Road Shows
• Customer and/or Partner Training

DJM will ensure that your event is well attended by qualified prospects eager to learn about your products. We provide extra value by providing integrated sales support, expanded business intelligence on your prospect/customer database and detailed metrics for measuring campaign effectiveness.