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Enhance business intelligence with validated contact data

Accurate prospect and customer data is most company’s greatest undeveloped asset. Millions are invested each year marketing to individuals with new or different responsibilities, have moved to different companies and occasionally don’t even exist. DJM Data Services are the foundational element to everything that we do for our clients. Our proprietary research and validation processes guarantee iterative improvements to your customer and prospect data. The result is valuable business intelligence that improves the ROI of all your marketing and sales programs.
DJM Data Services are designed to your projects specific requirements, timeframe, success metrics and budget. Services include List Building & Verification, Contact & Title Development, Data Cleansing and Profile Development.



List Building & Verification
We start with one of your prospect lists, performing research and making calls to validate contact information, eliminate duplicates, correct mistakes, replace and fill in blanks and update as needed. Each time a contact is touched, information is recorded, validated or corrected as necessary. (DJM can also purchase a list on your behalf or build one from scratch).

Our full-service programs ensure that MDF investments provide ROI for the dual bottom-line’s of you and your partner. Channel partners can focus on their core competencies and close business while DJM engages prospects, builds pipeline and provides a seamless sales handoff.
Contact & Title Development
We go the extra step by probing for changes in responsibility, job title, or contact information-all with the objective of ensuring your data is an accurate reflection of your target audience.

Reliable customer intelligence and a continually updated database of prospects that optimizes your database marketing and reporting activities. Demand generation and nurturing campaigns can be more personalized, increasing accuracy and response rates.
Data Cleansing 
• Research
• Phone verification
• Updating of database/CRM system
A more efficient and productive sales staff enabled by highly targeted campaigns for good prospects versus hit-and-miss cold leads and time-consuming data verification.
Profile Development
You provide a target profile for a particular audience. We perform research and make telephone calls to develop detailed profiles that enable highly targeted demand generation.

Marketing and Sales efforts are fast-tracked and result in greater ROI due to accurate profiles and influencer diagrams within target segments.