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Lead Management Services

Enhance customer and prospect interactions

at every touch point
Are you up close and personal with declining customer satisfaction? Perhaps your offshore vendor has a major disconnect with your customer’s service expectations?  Or maybe your tradeshow, web form and media driven leads are still awaiting follow-up? It might be that your web site conversion rates just are not doing a good job of filling the top of the funnel? 
Our premier service for personalization of the customer retention and buying process is engineered to address each of these issues head on. DJM manages all web, inbound and outbound interactions; decreasing customer churn and enabling up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, shortening the sales cycle with new prospects and dramatically lowering the cost of sales.
Acting as a seamless extension of your marketing and sales organizations, DJM guides prospects through the sales journey. Current customers are proactively contacted and kept happy and up-to-date. Leads are followed up within hours not weeks. DJM Customer Engagement Center services are highly customizable to your company’s specific requirements, timeframe, success metrics and budget. Let’s start a conversation about how we can strategically defend and grow your revenues.



Inbound callers
We provide a toll-free number and answer each inbound call with a professional, welcoming greeting. The caller is then routed directly to the person or department that can quickly and accurately address their enquiry.

The person best suited to deal with the issue can address it immediately versus iterative efforts that create frustration. New business is qualified and routed for nurturing or to Sales for 1:1 follow-up.
Outbound calling
• New Business
We aggressively prospect for new opportunities in target segments utilizing your unique requirements and our proprietary Q2V methodologies.
DJM develops the lead, handing off to sales once they have established budget, authority, need and timeline.  Sales teams can focus their efforts on the prospects with the greatest potential to buy - building relationships and closing business. 
Current Customers
Engaging with your installed base we develop an understanding in how they are using your products. We progressively nurture and position up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

DJM places your team into the leadership position for new business with your installed base. Share-of-wallet and margins are both increased while lowering the cost of sales.
• Customer Loyalty
We make quarterly calls to the installed base checking in to ensure satisfaction and address any new issues. Surveys are also utilized to provide business intelligence on product, service and support.

DJM’s services build brand loyalty resulting in more frequent purchases, positive word-of-mouth and improvements to products and services initiated on real customer feedback.
We proactively engage visitors on your web site, seeking to address their enquiry and convert the interaction to a telephone conversation.

A live interactive telephone conversation increases the probability of nurturing viable prospects early in the buying process. Investments in your web site and lead nurturing programs are maximized to their greatest potential.