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Build loyalty and win greater share of wallet
Building deeper customer relationships has proven benefits in increasing satisfaction, reducing churn and expanding profitability (not to mention a reduced cost of sales). The big challenge for many organizations is how to manage this “nurturing and farming” while simultaneously grinding out the hard work of winning business from new customers.
Whether you’re looking to take the temperature around a challenging issue or till the soil for potential cross-sell opportunities, DJM can make it happen. We are proven in engineering Customer Development programs designed to increase brand loyalty and drive greater selling opportunities for your team that works with existing customers.



Cross-sell Programs
DJM works to engage your current customers, gaining an understanding of their current business challenges and how they utilize your products. At the right time we position additional products, services and upgrades.

Velocity of nurturing programs takes off due to detailed business intelligence that facilitates better segmentation and personalization. ROI on demand generation programs is improved as well due to greater stickiness with the installed base.
Up-sell Programs
We reach out to your customer base in an interactive business conversation learning of potential opportunities for selling new products and services.

DJM places your team into the leadership position for new business with current customers. Share-of-wallet and margins are both increased while lowering the cost of sales.
Customer Loyalty Programs 
DJM provides a range of customized services including surveys, issue resolution and customer re-engagement all geared to enhance your company’s relationship with its customers.

DJM’s services build customer loyalty resulting in more frequent purchases, positive word-of-mouth and improvements to products and services initiated on actual customer feedback.